Rod, poolside and more

Let’s travel back in time for a visit with Rod Taylor in 1966. His parents were visiting from Australia and he was in the midst of making “Chuka.” Hope you enjoy these as we mark Rod’s January 11th birthday!

The following snapshots were taken poolside at Rod’s first Palm Springs getaway, which he owned in the mid- to late-1960s. The house was at 444 W. Mariscal Road, in the area known as Little Tuscany. It was across the street from Dean Martin’s and not far from the Racquet Club. (Rod was an avid tennis player.)

These two snapshots aboard a boat show (1) Rod with his parents, Bill and Mona, and his then-wife Mary and (2) Rod with his agent, Wilt Melnick.

Finally, here are some snapshots of Rod with his parents and wife on the set of “Chuka.” Also pictured behind the scenes are actors Ernest Borgnine and John Mills.

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  1. Near post thank you Diane, do we know anything about how he got along working with Ernie B.? I don’t remember him mentioning much his collaboration with Rod in his autobiography.


    1. I was disappointed that Ernest Borgnine didn’t mention anything about working with Rod, but I have seen or heard Rod talk fondly of Ernie and referred to him as a friend. I’m so glad these pictures show him interacting with Rod and his folks!


  2. Just out of filming The Glass Bottom Boat if I am not mistaken, that is why on your great pictures near the pool he looks very much the same as in the first sequence of the film, when he fishes out Doris Mermaid Day. Still in excellent shape.


  3. Thanks so much for these awesome photos!! Reading his biography now. Love your content – can’t get enough Rod Taylor. 😭

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