A birthday and an anniversary

Rod Taylor was born on this day — January 11 — in 1930. The Complete Rod Taylor Site was launched on this date in 2001.

Rod, who passed away on Jan. 7, 2015, would have been 91 today. The website is a robust 20 years old, which I must say is quite a milestone in internet years!

Last year, I had resolved to do a renovation of the website to make it more modern and mobile responsive. That goal was going well, but was derailed by a combination of stresses both global and personal.

Nevertheless, the Rod Taylor site remains a tribute to the actor, his life and his work. And TCM is airing a daylong tribute to Rod Taylor!

The lineup is as follows (U.S. Eastern Time):

One of these movies, “Trader Horn” (1973), has never had a home video release, so it is quite a rarity. Although it has deep flaws, it’s a treat to be able to see it on TV.

Many thanks to TCM for regularly saluting Rod Taylor on his birthday!